I have recently developed a strong interest in creating artworks of horses, hounds, stock animals and pet portraits in a sophisticated and contemporary art style, exploring dynamic compositions and using the impressive qualities of charcoal. I am engaging a technique called sfumato where the subject’s edges are softly blended imparting an intriguing smoky effect.

Many animals are champions in our hearts whether they be trophied animals or our own personal pet champion. I work on a commission basis focusing on horses, hounds, stock breeds and any other champions of the animal world. If you wish to consider commissioning a portrait of your champion, please contact me through my website or via email.




I am based in Melbourne, Australia. For meetings I am very flexible and can come to you, skype, chat over the phone, sit with a coffee at my studio or any other inventive ways you like to discuss your artwork.




Working out exactly what creative people do can sometimes be a bit of a grey area. Please don't hesitate to ask those strange questions as I would be happy to answer them. I love to work on commissioned works in charcoal and am always on the lookout for unusual and unique projects.  


For all new business and general enquiries please contact me via the form below. For emails with attachments, please email

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