Mali Moir began her career as botanical artist in 1993 at the National Herbarium of Victoria. Combining botanical and horticultural knowledge with artistic skills Mali has contributed pen and ink drawings for Flora of Victoria, Flora of Australia, Mulleria and other scientific publications. By working closely with botanists, Mali has gained an understanding of the importance of scientific accuracy, the fundamentals of precise measurement and thorough depiction of detail. She teaches botanical illustration in association with the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, at private art groups and conducts workshops in Victoria, interstate and overseas. 

Mali has great interest in working in the area of conservation and was proud to donate a painting for the charity auction ‘Name a New Species of Shrimp’ held by Australian Marine Conservation Society in association with Museum Victoria, Mali also contributes to ‘Art for Sharks’ with AMCS, evidence to her sincere belief, inspired by a conversation with John Wolseley, that “artists make science visible”

Mali has a keen interest for artistic interpretation of natural history themes in the Accurate Realism style. She approaches her work with traditional techniques whilst developing a fresh contemporary look. Mali executes works on paper with the consummate skill of a dedicated artist as she combines her fascination for science and nature with an active desire to render works with beauty, character and scientific integrity.




2012    Artist on ‘Our Planet Reviewed – Expedition Papua New Guinea’ with National Museum of Natural History Paris, France. A major programme for the exploration of nature with a mission to acquire new knowledge in areas of the globe that boast a wealth of biodiversity yet have been little explored. ‘Madang 2012’, through rapid survey research techniques, field collections and observations, the marine component surveyed both shallow and deep sea waters to assess diversity of local species richness for conservation purposes. During the five week stay, many field sketches were produced for use in Museum publications and for exhibition.


2011  Artist on ‘The Prom Bioscan’ project with Museum Victoria and Parks Victoria. A two-week intensive biodiversity survey of Wilsons Promontory National Park, targeting terrestrial, freshwater and marine wildlife at remote and rarely-visited sites. This rapid census was a rare opportunity with over 70 scientists and volunteers working simultaneously across the park helping Parks Victoria assess the environmental impact of recent extreme weather events: the 2005 and 2009 fires and the floods in early 2011. Field sketches and paintings have been produced for Museum Victoria of marine intertidal species.


2011  Co- curator and initial concept designer of ‘The Eternal Order in Nature: the science of botanical illustration’ art exhibition involving 30 nationwide botanical artists, displays from the State Botanical Collection Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, and some rarely seen items from several private collections, hosted by the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. This exhibition was designed to coincide with the XVIII International Botanical Congress.


2010 – 2014  Leader of ‘Beckler’s Botanical Bounty: The Flora of Menindee - 150th commemorative collection’ project involving artists and scientists in bringing together the re-collection of a significant 1860 Australian plant collection of Dr Hermann Beckler, together with the illustration of species collected. Inspired by the 150th  anniversary of the Burke & Wills Victorian Exploration Expedition, botanical artists from Victoria and New South Wales, aim to revive interest in Beckler’s plant collection. This model supports and expands community interest in culture, heritage, art and science by way of education and participation.


2014  Allpress.Moir project. Drawings of Objects of Virtue. Collaboration with Allpress Antiques creating large charcoal drawings of rare and beautiful antiques from Jamie Allpress collection. First launched at Melbourne Antique Fair in May 2014.  








    Botanical, scientific and natural history artist 1989 -

    Botanical illustrator, National Herbarium of Victoria, 1993 –

    Teacher of botanical, scientific and natural history art 2001-



    Honorary Associate of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne 2012 –



    2015 ‘Vignettes’ Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria Australia

    2014 ‘Paul Guest Art Prize’ Finalist, Art Gallery of Bendigo, Victoria Australia

    2014 ‘Rick Amor Drawing Prize’ Finalist, Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria Australia

    2014 - 1996 ‘The Art of Botanical Illustration’, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Australia

    2015, 2014, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, ‘Botanica’, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Australia

    2015, 2013, 2010 ‘Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award’ Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane Australia

    2012 ‘The Art of Science’ Museum Victoria, Australia (travelling exhibition South Eastern Australia)

    2012 ‘Capturing Flora: 300 years of Australian botanical art’ Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria Australia

    2011 ‘The Eternal Order in Nature: the science of botanical illustration’ Domain House, Melbourne     

    2011 ‘Focus on Nature: the Best of the Best’ New York State Museum, USA

    2011 ‘Crepuscula’ City Galleries Melbourne, Australia

    2010, 2006, 2004, ‘Focus on Nature’, New York State Museum, USA

    2009 ‘BotanicAsia’ Domain House, Melbourne Australia

    2009 ‘Nature ID’, Jan Manton Art Gallery, Brisbane Australia

    2009 ‘Reframing Darwin: evolution and art in Australia’ The Ian Potter Museum of Art, The University of Melbourne

    2009 ‘Margaret Flockton Art Prize’, Sydney Australia

    2009 - 2008 ‘Hidden in Plain View, the forgotten flora’ Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

    2008 ‘Plasma Soul’, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne Australia

    2008, 2007 ‘Nature + Art’, Woodbine Art Gallery, Victoria Australia

    2007, 2004 ‘The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize’, South Australia

    2007, 2003, ‘Karwarra Botanical Art Exhibition’, Victoria Australia

    2006 ‘The Masters’ Botanical Art Exhibition RBG Sydney Australia

    2005 ‘Woodbine Art Exhibition’, Red Box Gallery, Sydney Australia

    2003 ‘Nature’s Art Revealed’ National Herbarium of Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

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    2001 ‘1st Botanical Illustration Exhibition’, Benalla Regional Art Gallery Australia

    1991 ‘Centenary Botanical Art Exhibition’, Burnley, Melbourne Australia



    2014 ‘Paul Guest Art Prize’ Finalist, Art Gallery of Bendigo, Victoria Australia

    2014 ‘Rick Amor Drawing Prize’ Finalist, Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria Australia

    2009 Highly Commended Award, ‘Margaret Flockton Art Prize’, RBG Sydney

    2006 Purchase Award, ‘Focus on Nature IX’, New York State Museum, USA

    2002 Celia Rosser Inaugural Medal, Friends of Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

    2001 Gold Medal, ‘London Flower Show’, Royal Horticultural Society, London

    1998 Highly Commended Award, Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Exhibition, Melbourne



    Melbourne Museum, Victoria Australia

    Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria Australia

    City Galleries, Melbourne Australia

    State Botanical Collection, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Australia

    Simplot Australia

    New York State Museum, USA

    Private collections, Australia, Scotland, England



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    2014  Wildlife Art Museum of Australia

    2010 ‘Art 4 Sharks’ Australian Marine Conservation Society art auction, painting of Epaulette Shark

    2009 ‘Name a New Species of Shrimp’ painting on vellum offered for naming rights auction on eBay